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You and I Collide

September 25, 2024

“You don’t need a villain to be the hero of your own story.”


L has lived their whole life with a cloud above their head, forever waiting for the next unfortunate event to occur. Happiness? Who is she? L has been dancing around properly experiencing joy for years. Until now. When their therapist convinces them to make a childhood bucket list, L finds that happiness comes in many different shapes and sizes. And it takes great courage to hold onto it.


Ashe has only ever known one thing: selflessness to the point of self-erasure. From his family to his friends and past partners, he was always the one making sacrifices. Starting over in a new town felt like the perfect solution. Now, one wrong parking space later, Ashe finds himself on the receiving end of a lesson in more than just chemistry.


You and I Collide is a heartwarming, quirky and emotional contemporary romance about finding love and joy again.

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Works by E. A. M. Trofimenkoff


"There is a magic that comes from writing and telling stories. It's a magic I cast with every breath I take."

E. A. M. Trofimenkoff

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